photo by my wonderful cousin & artwork by Jessica Wachter (LOVE this painting!!)

I went into my blog drafts and found these photos waiting for me to finally share. I made this skirt quite awhile ago and it was one of those “I don’t know how this will turn out” experiments that actually turned out well. It’s M6993 skirt pattern from the 1930s which makes my American-Girl-doll-loving-11 year old-self very happy.

The pattern had some really fun details. It’s hard to see but View A has asymmetrical yoke (?) pieces on the front with the pleats that maybe aren’t called pleats because there are triangular fabric panels to give them shape. Basically, I’m an authority on sewing and fashion terminology.

I think the design of the skirt really shines in motion. The movement of the “pleats that aren’t pleats” are really fun and I always feel extra ladylike when I wear it.

I didn’t lengthen the skirt at all and I think it hits me a little higher than the sample photo. You would need to be careful if you’re on the shorter side, though, since this isn’t exactly a chop the bottom off later kind of a pattern. The “pleats” would be really out of proportion if you had to shorten it once almost finished. I used some mystery (probably polyester) suiting fabric my mom picked up for me. I really love this neutral color. It goes with pretty much whatever color or pattern top you would want to pair with it. I’m not sure if I will make it again since it’s such a specific style, but it was a fun sew and I would recommend the pattern.img_1611