Hi from Alabama! Yes, that’s right. This North Dakota girl has relocated to a place very different from her home! My husband’s job being the reason. I never quite made it back on the blog after moving but I have been sewing a lot. Turns out there’s not a ton to do when you’ve left your 8-4 job and relocate far away to a somewhat isolated place! Fine by me. It’s an adventure and I have more time and energy for my little family and sewing 🙂

I made this top right before I packed up my sewing room. It was supposed to be simple. I made some modifications and that resulted in a gaping neckline. A few pinches of fabric sewn up afterwards resulted in this top. I think I’m still a little mad that this didn’t turn out to be simple that I haven’t worn it much since these pictures were taken back in October.


I love this fabric though. I got it from I have some great tan stretch faux suede kind of fabric from them too. I ended up making a skirt out of it that is great with other pieces but looks really nice with this top, so once I find my ancient camera I will share. Or maybe just phone photos because this most certainly is all just for fun and looking for lost stuff most certainly is not.

So this project didn’t knock it out of the park, but I did go back the original pattern and made 2 tanks from it (I told you I’ve been busy). One of which I am wearing today because it was mid 70s for a high today. I’m guessing my ND friends are a little envious 😉

More soon-ish!img_1694