No, really. This pattern is called the Molly top. I didn’t just name this shirt after myself. Independent pattern companies will give their patterns people names instead of numbers. It makes them more memorable and since they don’t produce as many as the big pattern companies, the numbers don’t really  make sense for them.


In the evenings, to wind down, I’ve been watching sewing vlogs on Youtube and discovered the Sew Over It channel, a London based fabric shop that also releases patterns and has sewing classes. Part of why I love this channel as well as almost all sewing vlogs, is because of the lovely accents. It’s just so pleasant!

When I saw that they had just released an ebook with 5 patterns, I was so inspired and couldn’t stop thinking about the lovely photos and this particular shirt pattern. They shot photos in Paris and themed this ebook as “City Break” which in British terms, I think, means going on a short trip to some fabulous European city near them. Jealous! Well, that’s not exactly my life right now, but casual seperates are! With this new phase of life, I’ve realized I have no need of professional or fancy clothing and could use more casual, practical clothes.


I had just ordered this rayon jersey fabric from & was super pleased with what I ordered and the generous extras they threw in. I only ordered a yard for for another project I had in mind, but absolutely “needed” to make this top ASAP. I had to settle for short sleeves since I didn’t have enough fabric, but I still really love it. I made a size 8 in the bust and 10 in waist/hips. I made a couple of tweaks in the sleeve for length, which don’t totally matter for this version. I will definitely have to lengthen the sleeves when I make the long sleeve version. I cut the neckband on the crossgrain and for the hems, I used knit interfacing cut on the bias and a twin needle.

In the meantime, I’m trying to find the same kind of fabric as their sample because they are gorgeous (but without international shipping prices!). I want to make at least a couple more of these comfortable tees. And this Molly should have a few more Molly tops, right?