Even though summer is gone where I live 😦 I’ve still got a few summer outifits to share. I wore this dress a lot! It’s incredible comfortable and an easy decision in the morning. It’s as comfy as pajamas but doesn’t look it (I don’t think…). It’s McCalls 7121 view C size 10 bodice & 12 skirt. I changed the back and I may have shortened the skirt. This Art Gallery fabric was another I had my eye on for awhile until I bought it this spring. I’m a little disappointed how the blue faded a bit…but maybe it got dried too hot?

Anyway, I will make more of these next summer, I think. I’ve not sewn a lot with knits and I don’t have a serger (which is why there are no pictures of the inside! It’s not too pretty.). I really like wearing knits so I suppose I will have to learn some more work arounds for not having that 2nd machine. Maybe I will get an overlocker foot for my sewing machine? (If you’re unfamiliar: There are 2 main types of fabric. Knits are stretchy fabric, used in things like leggings & cardigans. Wovens are not stretchy, like uh…anything…jeans, trousers, button up shirts)


I did use a twin needle for the 2nd time. I used it on the neckline, armhole, & skirt hem, as well as stabilizing using strips of knit interfacing cut on the bias 3/8″ wide, I think. It was such a nice finish on the inside and out, in addition to making the seam sturdier. I got a bit of tunneling so I guess I will need to play with my machine’s tension a little more (?). Other modifications include raising the neckline a bit, forward shoulder adjustment, stabilized the shoulder, and maybe lengthened the bodice. I don’t remember.


Nothing fancy about this one…just a useful & comfortable garment!