Oh, hi Bison. Photos taken by my cousin Katie in her beautiful home 🙂

I survived 1.5 days traveling alone with my toddler! And I’m soooo exhausted. It was wonderful visiting friends, but I must admit I didn’t realize what it would be like taking care of my daughter as a continuation of a weekend away. She did great & I did pretty well too, but I was quite naïve about what we would get accomplished. I’ve had a lot of help taking care of her recently and didn’t realize that. I’m humbled (in a good way). These last 3 days I kept thinking “props to single moms! props to all moms of little kids!”. So much respect.

With that said, in the midst of chasing after my poufy princess at a wedding reception this weekend, I totally spaced on taking a few pictures of me in my dress. We even had a lovely outdoor location. Oh well! I’ll have to take some soon since it’s one of the newer McCall’s patterns. And I am nothing but timely, trendy, and of-the-moment! Ha.


I did, however, wear this skirt the following day to church. I saw this fabric on a blog last year and kept it in the back of my mind until this past spring when I decided to buy some for a skirt. I was thinking about making a dress but decided against it. It would be fabulous, but I don’t know if I would get as much wear out of it being such a bright color. The downside to it being a skirt is that I have no clue how to style it. Black tank and another black shirt have been my only solutions. I don’t think a white shirt would make it through the day still being white. Chambray button up? I don’t know! Well, I guess I have until next spring to figure it out!


The pattern I used is Simplicity 2215 by Cynthia Rowley which appears to be out of print. I did view C in a size 12 in a quilting cotton from Art Gallery Fabrics (Succulence collection). It’s got asymmetrical pleats which my symmetry loving self was unsure about at first but love now. I didn’t do too many modifications since it’s just a skirt. I added 3.75″ to the length since I’m 5’10″…length is a pretty standard modification for me. I did line it in a white rayon which feels so soft on the skin.



I really love how this one turned out. The fabric is so striking and unique but still wearable. It took me a couple of tries to get the hook & eye in the right spot. It wasn’t sitting right where I wanted at my waist, so I just repositioned one part and the fit is perfect.


Since it’s fall, this and many other things I’ve sewn won’t get worn for awhile. It makes me a little sad since this skirt got made so late in the summer, but fall sewing is fun too and I just got some new fabric in the mail. The best kind of mail!