photo credit to my wonderful cousin Katie & artwork credit to Jessica Wachter

Since this is my first post in awhile, I thought I’d give a quick note about what kind of posts I will mostly be writing. For those that are unfamiliar with sewing blogs, it’s common to show off what you’ve made and to review the sewing pattern. Usually you post about what you liked or didn’t like, if you recommend the pattern and what adjustments to make. Also, posting specific details about fabric and size have been really helpful to my learning what works and what doesn’t, as well as my preferences. It’s helped me find new patterns and pick out fabric. With that said, that is exactly what I will do here! Also, I really was anticipating these photos would be so awkward, but they turned out surprisingly better than I thought.

I think these are the first pants I’ve ever made and I like them a lot! I intended them for slightly cooler summer temps and they’ve been perfect. They’re roomy and the fabric choice makes them feel cool on the skin and breathable. They also kinda feel like pajamas! I used Simplicity 1887 for my pattern, View A in a rayon knit from Nicole Miller at Joann Fabric. I cut a size 10 instead of my usual 12 because there is a lot of ease built in and I knew I was using a stretchy knit, so I sized down and I also lengthened the pant leg since I’m 5’10”. And then started the modifications.





Somewhere in the middle of tissue & pin fitting, I decided I wanted a slimmer pant so I just tapered the leg until I liked the look. I then proceeded to tighten the waistband, because duh! it was so loose. Well, once I had done that and I tried it on as an afterthought…snap! snap! Threads popping. I fitted it to myself and didn’t account for the fact that it’s an elastic waistband. Yup. I felt so clever :/


The damage was done. I had already clipped the seam allowances so I had to make it work. I decided on an invisible side zipper. I interfaced the area and installed it. The first day I went to wear it, my pants kept sliding down! They weren’t going to fall off (the waistband was too tight for that!), but I didn’t like where they sat and I didn’t feel comfortable in them. To fix that, I opened a side seam in the waistband and put some elastic along the back and it did the trick.

I’m really happy with them and they have been a summer staple in my wardrobe. I’ve worn this exact outfit (plus diaper bag!) many days these past few weeks. I’d like to make the pattern again but I just might keep the waistband the same next time 😉


Everything else I’m wearing is old but I do love my newish bag from Duluth Pack, if you’re curious.