You so want to be my friend now, right? 😛



I’ve been away from my blog for awhile but have finally decided to come back because I want to share what I’m sewing and I want to make sewing friends. You see, I don’t have sewing friends in real life. I have a couple of relatives that sew mostly quilts, which is great! but I’ve really gotten into garment sewing and I’m not really sure why, but I do know how: the Internet. Turns out there’s quite an online sewing community that I’ve been following creepily and now want to actually be an active participant and share my makes. And having a record of my stuff would be fun too. I also think some of my real life non-sewing friends might enjoy seeing what I’m up to.

After looking through some of my old blog posts from 3-4 years ago, I thought I would just sit and cringe. I imagined it would be like hearing a recording of yourself and thinking your voice sounds awkward and not like you thought it did. It actually was kind of nostalgic…like reading old diary entries (if I had such a thing!). As I was preparing to start up the blog again, I was wondering, “How relevant is the name of my blog anymore? Have I strayed too much that I should just scrap the whole thing? Do I even want anyone looking back at old entries?” I’m not sure if it’s still a good fit, but I like my old content. I started this blog while reading through a book called The Artist’s Way. I saw this as a place where I could challenge myself and hold myself accountable to actively being creative. I had kind of forgotten that until I went back and read some early posts. I think this will mostly be a sewing blog since I’ve zeroed in on that, but who knows? I’m an enthusiastic amateur (or so I claimed & pronounced my newfound love of sewing 4 years ago!) so I could pick a totally new interest down the road.


Since I mentioned there is a great online sewing community, here is a very small sampling of who I follow (other than Instagram):

Closet Case Files – awesome patterns & blog

Inside the Hem & Sew Over It – vlogs about sewing!

McCall Pattern Company Facebook Group


Stay tuned for more. I just took some pictures of some of my sewing projects and the photos turned out way less awkward than I thought they would!