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Happy 2 year anniversary to me…and Tom too!! I found this post in my drafts from… ahem…approximately 2 years ago. In honor of the occasion, I hereby let it see the light of day:

I was so happy how my dress turned out and I am so glad to have chosen the one I did. It was just perfect. As what I usually focus on is the experience of something, I will lead you through some of my dress shopping experience.

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Modesty is very important to me and sometimes wedding dresses are far from pointing toward the virtuous. I know modesty doesn’t always sound too appealing in our culture. It sounds boring and completely unattractive. But, modesty ≠ frumpy and dumpy. I would argue that dressing and behaving modestly (not drawing undue attention to oneself) actually puts things in right order and makes one free-er, helping sever ties with vanity, egoism, and boastfulness, which don’t make anyone happier ultimately because those sins are really just a party of one! Modesty isn’t about being invisible but rather letting others see your beauty & dignity given to you by God.

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I went in to my dress shopping experience knowing what I didn’t want (anything strapless with no additional coverage), which eliminated most of my choices. I found this to be good and bad. It weeded out hundreds of potentially difficult choices but it also left me with a very small pool to choose from.

I tried on a nice range of styles and almost settled on this dress:

David’s Bridal: Vera Wang collection

It looked better in person, especially the back. Also, this dress was not fitted to me so it doesn’t have the most flattering fit…but you get the idea!

I felt quite pretty in this dress. It was big and elegant and had an aesthetic that I LOVED. Vera Wang is a great designer, in my unprofessional opinion. The above dress was pretty warm and I got married at the end of summer…so, that was a big mark against it 🙂 I also was a little concerned about the strapless part. It cut me strangely, I thought. There was one other that I seriously considered but ultimately decided on neither.

What’s a girl to do? Well, I went shopping in a very unlikely place the next day:

I shopped at my parents’ home! We pulled my mom’s 25 year old wedding dress out of its sealed box. Turns out I fit into the dress with the exception of the sleeves and length of the dress. My mom and I had talked about using her dress before. We thought if the sleeves went, it would still look very nice with today’s fashion. Upon looking in the mirror at myself, I decided this was the look I wanted to go with. It was classic, flattering, and I felt grown-up. Plus, there is history there!

Now, I know what you are thinking…those sleeves! They’re perfect…or maybe not. In their own right, they are nice but they obviously date the dress incredibly! They’ve got to go!

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With a few trips to an awesome seamstress, my dress really began to take shape. She made an underskirt to add fullness and length, leaving the original skirt completely intact. The sleeves were removed and used for various other projects on the dress and a little purse. (They were soooo huge and there is STILL material left over!).

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All in all, I am so very pleased I made the decision I did. It was just perfect! Thanks, Mom, for letting me re-purpose your dress!

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