20130831-204421.jpgI haven’t figured out exactly why one of the many names for this candy is “crack candy.” Is it because you have to crack the cooled sugar to break it apart, or is it because it has addictive qualities similar to the illegal substance with the same name? Two batches later, my theory is that it’s a bit of both!

My colleagues, students, and I literally sweated it out for the last two weeks with broken a/c at school. Let me tell you, this school was NOT designed to have natural air flow since most of the year it’s cold around here. It needs a/c. Once the students arrived, all their warm bodies made the rooms even more sweltering and near impossible to think, let alone do school work. I’ll end my tale of woe here and just say…”And everyone lived happily ever after” or “Repairs were made and, as of Friday, we have cool air.”

During this time I wanted to make a back to school treat for my department so I tried my hand at this honeycomb/crack candy, and while they turned out great, the experimental candy (recipe here) was not without its uncertainties and snags during this first try. Boiling sugar seems to have this humbling effect on me. I didn’t quite get it fully incorporated before it started hardening on me. Oh well. My coworkers loved them but the candy definitely had to be left in the fridge since it was an inferno in our office.

So to those of you who live their lives by the academic calendar…happy back to school! (Bonne rentrée!) I wish I could offer you some candy, but since my arm doesn’t reach through the computer screen, your take-away from this little post can be to consider the blessing that is air conditioning.