20130729-095321.jpgAt the dinner party where we entertained our guests with baby bunnies, I served up a new cookie for dessert and it was A-mazing. They’re Cornflake Marshmallow Cookies. They have a crunch from the cornflakes, peanut butter and chocolate chips, and the marshmallows melt and make the cookie crisp in parts. They kinda taste like salted toffee actually (I’m not sure if “salted toffee” is actually a thing. If salted toffee doesn’t exist, then just imagine what toffee with salt *might* taste like.). I highly recommend them! My only suggestion is that you use the parchment paper like the directions say. Turns out they were serious. I made a second batch the next day (umm…because all of the cookies were eaten by guests…all of them…ahem, anyways…) and I used parchment paper. It worked like a dream. No cookies stuck stubbornly to the pan this time.

I might actually make a third batch this week. I have all the ingredients…so…you know. Why not?