So, Tom and I have a new neighbor neighbors! What you can’t tell from this blurry, zoomed-in picture is that there are 7-8 teeny baby bunnies nursing right under this mama. They were spotted by some of our dinner guests on Saturday night right outside our window and in front of our garage. Little did we know, we’d be providing this kind of entertainment.20130722-085707.jpg

The babies are only about 3-4 inches I would guess (!) and have started hopping around in the grass that’s pretty much taller than them. Last night I saw a cat (that I’ve never seen here before) and the mama bunny bolted, I didn’t see any of the babies out, but I told Tom if I saw any dead baby bunnies on our sidewalk I might just lose it. I know it’s nature and all, but they’re soo cute! Their ears are less than an inch long!

In other, non-bunny related goings-on these past few days…This was our first weekend back in town after a couple of weekends away. We went for a bike ride both Saturday and Sunday and I’m left wondering why it took me so long to go on the bike path by the river.


Tom in front of a dam in the Red River

Also, I hate our garage door. It’s cheap and tricky to open if your name isn’t Tom. I went on a bike ride last week (while Tom was at work) and when I finished I wasn’t able to open the stupid door to put my bike back in the garage. So…what’s a girl to do? I didn’t want my bike to get stolen so…

20130722-085732.jpgThere it sat until Tom got home.