Photo 4

Ok ok, this is the last time I’ll talk about rhubarb until next summer. I’m all out and I think this phase has passed for now. I’ve made rhubarb “jam” and crumble, as well as rhubarb pie, and now I’m showing off my rhubarb soda.

Photo 22

This is not a timely post whatsoever. I haven’t had a rhubarb soda for at least a month now, but I liked it so much and took pictures of it in its cute mason jar. I couldn’t let the pictures die on my phone!

Photo 1

I made rhubarb syrup by cooking it with some water and sugar. Eventually you strain the whole thing and use the juice to combine with club soda. It’s really quite simple: Rhubarb syrup + club soda = rhubarb soda

Photo 2

I also used the leftover mush and put it on toast for breakfast. It tasted great but I won’t punish anyone with a picture of it as it turns a putrid green color…enough to make you want to not eat it. But I did anyways.

It was nice while it lasted. Farewell, Rhubarb! Until next year.