1. This past weekend we visited Minneapolis/St. Paul (“the cities” according to North Dakotans) for a wedding of a couple of friends. The liturgy was beautiful and it’s so uplifting to witness weddings where the couple truly desires relationship with the Lord and strives to live in right relationship with each other.

Photo 52. We made a weekend of it and went to the zoo. We also went to Ikea and that. was. an. experience. We were very overstimulated and ended up exhausted by the end of it. I was so excited to go initially! No pictures of that.Photo 7 Photo 8Photo 3

Tom's bigger than an ape!

Tom’s bigger than an ape!

3. I’ve noticed a spike in traffic after being linked up to Shutterbean, Joy the Baker, and Fr. Leo Patalinghug via Twitter after linking to/writing about their respective recipes. It’s not something I set out to do but it’s kinda cool.

4. In the craft department: I’ve crocheted another couple of bibs to use up my cotton yarn. I’ve made some peace with my sewing machine and managed to make a pillow for our bed that I’m proud of!


5. Also, God is so good. I love being catholic. You can be weak with Jesus because he’s gone before us and been as weak as one could be. He gave up his body, let it be broken for us, defeated death by rising again, and wants to dwell in us and does that in a very real way by receiving him in the Eucharist & sacraments of the Church. He wants to mend our broken hearts and make them whole! Praised be Jesus Christ! Now & forever.

6. Along the lines of Jesus being awe-inspiring: An excellent blog post (and blog in general) by the Evangelista (cute name, right?) on forgiveness. It really resonated with me because it’s just real talk. It’s hard to forgive someone because they owe a debt to you. They wronged you and that’s just not ok; it’s not just something that can be swept away. But but but….being a Christian involves forgiving the other specifically because you love Jesus and he asks you to forgive. Huhh, well I know this but I sure don’t think like this all that often.

7. On a more frivolous note, I made this case (finally) for my iPod. I only really use the iPod when I travel and usually stick it in a side pocket of my purse, zipped in, so it doesn’t get scratched. No need now! I made this like I made a case for my dad’s Nook e-reader and my friend’s iPad (no pictures). It’s adapted from this post from last summer.20130703-182105.jpg

Don’t mind my sketchy button hole…

Happy Friday!