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The Cookbook Project is my idea for making one new recipe from each of the cookbooks I already own over the course of a month. I’m really just forcing myself to use up some of the resources I already own, like my cookbooks.  It’s a bit of fun and a bit of a mental de-cluttering project. I have a lot of great material at my fingertips and I want to take advantage of it.

Next up: One Girl Cookies

Obviously, I haven’t given up on rhubarb yet 🙂 I wrote about quick rhubarb sauce/jam and rhubarb crumble and am planning another post still. I actually had everything to make this, which ended up being the deciding factor for picking this recipe. I have definitely overlooked it but it caught my eye this time for…you guessed it: it has rhubarb in the title!

Photo 8The recipes in this cookbook are a little fussy for my caliber of baking, but it’s just so beautifully put together that I can’t help but love it. This pie was a little on the tart side, which is fine by me. The crust had a bit of ginger in it, which I think is the magical ingredient in a great crust. It just adds a little extra flavor to an otherwise bland crust.

I was trying to multitask while make this pie so it was a little underdone. Obviously I was dissappointed but I took it to my church the next day to have after daily Mass and everyone else thought it was good. So much so that I left with only 1 slice left.