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The Cookbook Project is my idea for making one new recipe from each of the cookbooks I already own over the course of a month. I’m really just forcing myself to use up some of the resources I already own, like my cookbooks.  It’s a bit of fun and a bit of a mental de-cluttering project. I have a lot of great material at my fingertips and I want to take advantage of it.

Next up: Spicing up Married Life

cookbook-cover_custom-d0b02391cacdd7dd7079cca2bea54d379d608a65-s6-c30Don’t worry, it’s just a cookbook. Written by a priest. There are 12 chapters and 12 meals, to be cooked together as a couple once a month to celebrate being married. Each chapter has a topic recalling different times in your life as a couple (dating, engagement, wedding, etc.) and how God’s life is in your lives. There are also questions you can ask each other which have generated some interesting discussions between my husband and I.

This month’s chapter was about the in-laws and I thought it was kind of boring because we both have such great relationships with our spouse’s family…there wasn’t that much to talk about!

As for the food, we made a salmon with a honey bourbon glaze (!) with stir fry vegetables (which had oyster sauce and red wine vinegar…seriously good).

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Dessert was a lemon slushy with cream in it. Yeah.

Photo 2I highly recommend this book, so much so that we gave it to a number of our friends as wedding gifts this year!