1. I started with this:Photo 3

And ended with this:

Photo 4I made a bib for my good friend’s baby shower last weekend. I got the pattern here.

2. We stopped in at this awesome antique shop and I was considering buying this mirror. Past tense because… I went back a couple of days later and it was gone.

Photo 13

3. We are WAY into this salad. Spinach Salad with Dates & AlmondPhoto 104. Check out the new hat and sunglasses! So trendy.Photo 65. It was my birthday on Tuesday and my husband took me out to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Check it! They only take reservations they’re that fancy. No Paradiso for me this time!Photo 5 I ordered the roasted duck covered in caraway seeds with sides of spaetzle and red cabbage.Photo 7 It was super delicious but I had no idea I was ordering A duck. Literally a half of a duck on my plate!Photo 96. My birthday gift that I kind of picked out…but not entirely.

Photo 117. After dinner, we had friends over for cake and it was so much fun! The accordion was even brought out for the first time since we’ve lived here!

Photo 12

sidenote: the man in black is our parish priest. who else would wear black in the summer? 🙂

Photo 14Happy Friday!