1. It was my parents’ 26th wedding anniversary yesterday! Congratulations Mom & Dad!


2. It’s been a great week now that Tom is back from his 2 weeks annual training with the National Guard. I really am listless when no one comes home and I only have to cook and clean for myself. It’s been a total 180 from last week.Photo 2

3. This Milk & Cookie Smoothie is a new favorite in our house. It drinks like a milkshake but doesn’t have ice cream in it.

Photo 44. I just stared a new crochet project last night. It’s a baby shower gift for someone who  likes yellow a lot. I’m starting to get inspired to sew but my permanent craft table (!) has yet to be installed and I’m upset with my machine, so we will see what happens.

Photo 35. We live by an awesome antique store so we’ve been spying some things that would look great in our house. This is one of our finds:Photo 1

6. I made a batch of sangria and we’ve been sipping on it for a few days. The problem is that I want to drink it like juice (large quantities since it’s so tasty)…but it’s definitely strong and NOT juice.Photo 5

7. I had the last minute opportunity to attend the new bishop’s ordination. After several months without a spiritual father for our diocese, we have a new bishop and he is A-MAZING. My favorite part of the ceremony was after he had been ordained a bishop and received the symbols of his office (the hat, the staff, etc.), he was led up to the bishop’s chair, he turned around, and sat down….wow! What an impactful image. After 11 months without the head of our diocese, God has given us a father! What a gift. When that moment happened, there was an audible sigh/gasp from the crowd. After that, everyone got up on their feet and clapped with such joy! I’ve never experienced anything like it and am so glad I was there to witness it. Bishop Folda seems to be able to be lighthearted when needed and solemn when needed. I’m just so excited to see what he will do and where he will lead us. I love him already!

Here’s a short video clip from the ordination.

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