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The Cookbook Project is my idea for making one new recipe from each of the cookbooks I already own over the course of a month. I’m really just forcing myself to use up some of the resources I already own, like my cookbooks.  It’s a bit of fun and a bit of a mental de-cluttering project, which is appealing. I have a lot of great material at my fingertips (literally) and I want to take advantage of it.

First up: Joy the Baker Cookbook


How many times have shared food I’ve made from JtB? A number that probably makes me seems like a strange super-fan…which maybe I am (?) Irregardless of where I land on the spectrum of normal-fan to obsessive-fan, it’s a great cookbook and the first new recipe of my little project just so happens to be from it.

I’ve really overlooked this lovely recipe. I’ve never felt the pull to make it, but it finally caught my eye and the selling point was that I had all the ingredients. I made Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies and this past week Joy posted the same recipe on her blog (except she used pecans where I used walnuts), so I can happily share the recipe with you.

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The big deal about these cookies is that you brown half of the butter so it gets a nutty flavor and cream the other half of the butter like you normally do for cookies. There was also a small amount of molasses added, which I think deepens the nutty flavor (maybe). I feel confident in saying this, though:  Browned butter + creamed butter = amazing kitchen smells

Unfortunately since the husband has been gone this week, it’s been a solo cookie eating operation in here. Not ideal.Photo 1