Photo 1School is done! School is done!!!! Today is my first official weekday where I don’t have to work, most other adults are working, and it feels so strange. I don’t have the continual responsibility of lesson planning, editing quizzes & tests, or grading papers. That all ended Friday. For 9 long months I have been a first year teacher and a first year wife. I’ve temporarily dumped one of those responsibilities and it feels good. I am blessed to have this beautiful opportunity of refocusing on my husband. I could share my meaningful reflections of these last months’ experiences, but I won’t pollute the Internet with that unless I come up with some valuable pearls o’ wisdom.

Instead: Pictures! These ones are from a week & a half ago at our friends’ wedding in Sioux Falls, SD. It was such a lovely weekend trip to celebrate with the couple and it was a wonderful opportunity to visit my cousin who lives down there.


Photo 5

Photo 3

The couple had traveled so many places together that each table was a different city they had been to together. Cute!

Photo 2

Nice shirt, Tom!

Photo 4

Falls Park