Alleluia! Christ is risen from the dead!

Tom & I chanted/sang on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and at the Easter Vigil at our home parish. Lots of mess-ups occurred but lots of fun was had 🙂 Here’s our group from Saturday night:

20130401-203857.jpg The glue that held our group together:20130401-203926.jpg
My friend was confirmed which made the celebration over-the-top joyful.


The following day we had a leisurely morning watching old home videos in where I found out just how deeply rooted my control issues are. Let’s just say that within the space of 30 seconds I tried to physically move my (then) 4 year old sister which she shook off and then informed her that she was not doing the hand-clap sequence correctly. “Amber, you’re not doing it right” (all while trying to budge in between her and our mom to show her how it is done). Bless my mom’s heart. She tried to minimize this trait with a quick “Molly, it’s ok.”

Easter lunch:

20130401-204122.jpg 20130401-204047.jpg
Gratin Dauphinois from Julia Child. Yum.
20130401-204150.jpgHappy Easter!