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Controversial politics aside (but totally still including controversial topic), life is important. Baby lives are important.

In our beautiful US of A we have so many blessings, so many resources before us, but just like my own personal priorities become misguided, I find that some of our collective priorities are misguided. Our culture is scared to death of life (and, frankly, sometimes so am I). For some reason we find it truly necessary to pop pills to stop our lady parts from working in a natural way. Why? Well, it’s a complicated issue but I think mostly because we’re scared of life, new life. We’re scared of our lives changing and we become scared of little, tiny babies. We might be scared of little tiny babies growing and having their own new life, potentially ruining ours.*

The thing is that once conception happens, that embryo-fetus-baby-callitwhatyouwant already has its complete genetic code in place. He/she has the potential to grow into a full human right away! And his/her heart begins to beat around 9 weeks (or sooner depending on who you ask). It is a totally separate body from momma. How, then, can another person’s body be killed and it to be ultimately ok, even purported as a women’s rights issue? It’s a life issue.

I know there are a lot of different circumstances for thinking it is necessary to abort and a lot of pain can surround the issue. My purpose is not trying to kick someone while they are down, but seeking truth, goodness, and beauty. Life is beautiful and we as a nation don’t want to face it. Contraception is proclaimed as an absolute good and it seems that abortion follows as a last resort form of contraception. It’s a woman’s choice, right? But what about that little body who can’t yet speak for itself? Not fair. Given the choice, they’d want a chance.

A big reason why I assume many of my readers will NOT like this post at all is because 1) this is a deeply personal issue for some and 2) our culture understands the “right” to abortion as a ministry, a way of helping women and that the removal of said right is an unspeakable injustice devoid of all mercy. I see it differently probably because I see sex differently. I think Jennifer Fulwiler explains it best in her journey from being adamantly pro-choice to seeing the beauty of life based on what she had come to believe sex was about:

Carrying a baby to term and becoming a parent is a huge deal, and society had made it very clear that sex is not a huge deal. As long as I accepted that for people to engage in sex in a contraceptive mentality was morally okay, I could not bring myself even to consider that abortion might not be okay. It seemed inhumane to make women deal with life-altering consequences for an act that was not supposed to have life-altering consequences…

I know I haven’t posted here in a month, so why this topic as my “come back”? There’s been recent talk in politics/media about the issue and I think I was finally spurred into finishing and publishing this post when I saw one friend on social media who opposed the pro-life bills in ND. It cut me to the quick and I felt motivated to finally put forward some public thoughts on the issue, to hopefully do some good. To be real, though, I struggle to separate disagreements of morality from personal attacks. My first reaction to even dissenting opinions is pain. I’m coming to realize that I don’t need to feel injured but there are things that I believe need to be said, that I need to set aside those fears and push through to say something important instead of always hiding behind trivialities. And so, this is my attempt at just that.

*I know there are many different motivations for taking “the pill” and great complexity when it comes to receiving the news that one is pregnant and I don’t mean to trivialize but for the sake of continuing with the post and my own reflections, some generalizations have to be made.