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Happy Happy Monday! No school today! No school today!

I’m probably a little too excited about not having school today due to rough traveling conditions. Nonetheless, I forged ahead to buy coffee in celebration this morning. I am so glad on days like this that I have a Jeep.

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Lazy {new} iPhone photo

I’ve seriously been so happy and so motivated this morning. Part of my great mood has to do with the talk Tom and I had yesterday about his feelings (don’t tell him I told you that!) and thoughts about the future. It really cleared the air and was much needed. This morning, I’ve cleaned up and organized my crafting things. I gathered up my yarn and balled it all up. I think I officially have what is known as a “crafter’s stash.”

Here’s a sneak peak at the baby blanket I am making from a pattern I found on Pinterest:

photoIt will looking something like this when I am done (hopefully). I loved the original colors but they weren’t available at the stores I went to so I improvised.

happy monday!