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DSC02997 This project began this summer with my sudden decision to try my hand at sewing again. My mom has a fantastic stash of all sorts of crafting supplies and so I saw it as an opportunity to pick up some “free” fabric. As we looked through a bin, we came across an old pattern, wool fabric, and a nearly completed pencil skirt. My mom had started making skirts to wear to work back in the mid to late 80s. I tried it on and it fit and pencil skirts are classic. They’re pretty much wardrobe staples. I decided then that I would finish it up and maybe start in on a second one from another fabric she had bought with the same intention. DSC03000 DSC02998Let me tell you this: I am an amateur sewer. I don’t have enough interests in projects to see them through the fine-tuning and more mundane tasks or or or…troubleshooting. I hate figuring out stuff when it doesn’t work. I knew I needed some major help to realize this project and it just so happened that I would be paying a long visit to my mother-in-law’s place, who happens to be a crafter with definite sewing skills. DSC03002Fine-tuning fit is not my cup of tea. In fact, it took forever just for me to get around to sewing on an eye hook and now it’s practically fall off making the waistband a little droopy. Have I done anything about it? No. Will I? Prob not.  Even though they may not have the best fit, but they work. In fact, I wear them to work so they really do work. DSC03482


Facial expression not ideal for internet use 🙂

When I was home over Christmas, my mom offered me a couple of skirts that she found cleaning out my grandmother’s house. They were my mom’s from back in the 80s and lo and behold! they fit me. Well, to be honest, one’s kinda snug (not pictured). DSC03473PS-I don’t much care for posing for pictures with just me…kinda awkward.