linking up with Conversion Diary for 7 quick takes:

1. January brings brutally cold weather to ND. It’s amazing. I forget how bad it is every year.

2. I love coming home and relaxing after a day’s work. So many possibilities of things to do!!! …like kettle corn (again)

3. Tom (my husband) is in the National Guard and has drill this weekend out of town 😦 I really hate when he’s gone. I miss him already, fyi.

4. I’ve been intensely watching this BBC series on Amazon instant video: From Lark Rise to Candleford. Already into Season 2. I started Tuesday evening…

5. Soon I shall have to post about food or crafty things. I have so much I could share, but haven’t loaded the pictures yet!

6. I feel like I bore my French I students/am not doing a good job teaching them. But as the French say: C’est la vie!

7. I’ve been working on crocheting this lately.