Joining Jennifer @ for 7 quick updates

1. I created and corrected more tests than I care to think about. Last day of the semester for my high schoolers and half-way through my first year teaching!

2. I have new-to-me skirts that I will tell you about very soon. They’ve been exciting to wear this past week to work.

3. My husband is getting funnier by the day and we have inside jokes now.

4. Tom (husband) started up with school this week. He’s finishing up his degree in Commercial Aviation that he started in 2004 but has put on hold till now.

5. I met up with a friend for spiritual direction and that was sooo needed. It is so good to have a sounding board for life’s struggles and joys. God is good, my friends.

6. A big winter storm is rolling in tonight! Looks like a stay at home kind of night…for everyone.

7. We had a fun date night and a tasty new pasta recipe (brandy, butternut squash, bacon, onion, and parsley)DSC03471Bon week-end, mes amis!