DSC03366The more I think about it, the stranger my habits seem. I move from project to project, having some success but never truly mastering much of anything. I’ve done just about every kind of craft (slight exaggeration, but still). I don’t have any one thing that is the thing I’m known for. I go with what interests and entertains me for the moment.

Since the falling out I had with my sewing machine in which we fought over a simple scarf project, we haven’t been on speaking terms. Thus, I needed a new craft! One day I got the itch to knit so I went out and bought needles and yarn. I watched a Youtube video and started on a scarf. I’ve dabbled in knitting before…nothing extensive of course, but in true Molly fashion, I had to relearn this craft.


My scarf is well on its way to being a scarf now. It’s been very relaxing to just pick up my project, do a few rows and set it down. It takes up little room and doesn’t have to cost very much money. Tom and I have been working our way through 4 seasons of the show Merlin and now Once Upon a Time episodes on Netflix. Even minimal amounts of action and/or violence in shows can stress me out, so I find that knitting helps me to redirect my focus.DSC03370

We’re off soon for my parents’ house and later for Tom’s parents’ house in Montana. That means lots of time in the car and probably some knitting! I love portable crafts 🙂

Happy rest of Advent and Merry (soon to be) Christmas!