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Are there any Pinterest lovers and/or addicts out there? Things have been a-changin’ haven’t they? You know it is autumn when Pinterest has at least 60% of their food pins containing some form of pumpkin and/or easy slow cooker recipes.

First slow cooker recipe of the season! White chicken chili (read: Brown Chicken Chili. Turns out if you cook things together for multiple hours it all turns the same color!)

The thing is, I’m totally sucked in and inspired by this kind of thing. There really is something to this being inspired by seasons changing. I dream of being the owner of tall brown boots, button up shirts, cardigans, and scarves. I dream of consuming pumpkin, hot coffee, and German food.

Still no headway has been made on the fall fashions front but I also haven’t put any effort into that. I have, though, drunk coffee from our fantastic new maker, made a pumpkin & greek yogurt parfait in a handwash-only wine glass, and and and made slow cooker sausage and sauerkraut for an Oktoberfest party.

We (ok ok just me) were excited to bring our awesome new slow cooker out to a party. It’s got snap-on lids for no spills and is a shiny sports car red color.

Unfortunately for us here in North Dakota, autumn is  a short season. Winter weather begins in October usually (btw, it stays till April-ish). With that being said, here’s to the change of season! It’s one of the best and yet it goes too quickly for my liking!

Leaves crunching under my feet.