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Duluth, MN

Tom & I wanted to stay local-ish for our honeymoon and decided on Duluth without much deliberation. We had heard it was a fantastic place to visit and wanted to see for ourselves. One of my first observations upon entering the city in the downtown area was that we were driving UNDER trees. Just earlier that day Tom was singing a silly made-up song about trees to try and stay awake. I wish I had a video of that, but I thought of it too late. The funniest part of his song was that you can drive by trees and surrounded by trees, but it’s not good to drive through a tree. Little did we know that we would later be driving UNDER  trees and still later, that we would be walking OVER cars!

We checked in to a fantastic bed & breakfast called the Cotton Mansionand that ended up being the highlight of the trip. It was an amazing place with amazing hospitality. We were told that the mansion was not a museum and to just be at home. For once, I was not just touring an old mansion, but experiencing it in a more personal way.  It just felt so special.

The first day we were there, we went to what’s called “The Depot” and wandered around the train museum section. Tom was sooo in his element. I, on the other hand, wandered around at a glacial pace. I was moving unbelievably slowly, but I was enjoying seeing Tom having fun.

I was moving so slowly because I was completely exhausted and got sick. I had just started a challenging job, gotten married, socialized with sooo many people, traveled to Duluth. The first day where I wasn’t expected to do anything, I fell hard. My little sickness wasn’t that unpleasant, though. It was the kind of sick that happens when you get run-down and the only answer is rest and patience.

This one was an outdoor display just outside Duluth. We HAD to stop there on our way into the city!

This is the Glensheen Mansion. It is a crazy elaborate family home for the Chester Congdon family finished in 1908. It’s got almost all of the original furnishings in the same places they’ve been for the last 100 years!

Views from the back entrance of Glensheen Mansion.

Private beach access on Lake Superior at Glensheen Mansion.

The bridge in the distance lifts up for ships. I mean BIG ships. It is the westernmost point on the Great Lakes and it is accessible to ships from the Atlantic Ocean 2,300 miles away (!)

Unfortunately with us feeling really tired, we just brushed the surface of what Duluth has to offer. I guess this is just incentive to come back!