Do you know what has been occupying my time/mind a lot lately? School. I am a first-year French teacher, who just got married and is trying to keep it all together. I haven’t felt frantic necessarily, though, which has been a huge blessing and was a little unexpected!

My brain has been kicking in to a higher gear than I’ve had to operate in quite a while…probably since student teaching last fall. My job, for me, is challenging, but it is the good, fulfilling kind of challenging. It hasn’t felt like the “Why am I doing this? This is going nowhere fast” kind of challenging. I know I have A LOT to learn in my profession and I will never be “perfect,” but so far, I feel really satisfied with what I do!

So, if this blog seems to lack in quantity and/or quality of posts, just know that my brain-space is being used close to capacity. My creative energy is being spent on making lessons and materials and refining my craft…or just entering grades online or trying to figure out why my voicemail doesn’t work or (most importantly) directing my attention to my new husband.

That being said, I do want to be more intentional about having fun. The silly, child-like kind of fun. And writing. I want to write for fun more. As I settle into my new life, I want to be intentional about these things, which I believe includes this blog! I look forward to more stories and even interaction from you, my readers. I like you.