*Each week, I have a post entitled “Thursday Thoughts.” This is where I take time to explore the deeper parts of life like creativity and God and stuff. Enjoy!

Just one short month ago, my (now) husband and I made the long trip to Montana for the second time of the summer. This time was a much bigger deal. We were going for a very special wedding.

Having peers who are going through similar experiences with you tends to be quite comforting. In this case, Tom’s younger brother has consistently one-uped us in his relationship with Amy, now his wife. Joe & Amy began dating about a month before Tom & I, got engaged about a month before us, AND got married 3 weeks before us!

The beautiful couple, Joe & Amy

Instead of inciting jealousy, it has been a huge blessing to have family going through similar life changes with you.

Their wedding was BEAUTIFUL and I loved every moment of it. You could just tell they were getting married for good, good reasons. They both love the Lord and have sought to keep them in the center of their individual lives and were allowing Him to bring them together as a couple. Through placing “limits” on themselves through vowing love and fidelity, they were allowing themselves to know true freedom in following God’s plan in their lives. That’s how Tom & I feel about marriage and we know they think similarly.

They are a beautiful couple who differ from Tom & I in perhaps interests and demeanor, but who are strikingly similar in important ways. We consider ourselves blessed to call them family.

Tom & I
3 weeks before we got married. Things started to really sink in!

And because I couldn’t leave off this post without something either witty or funny…

Tom’s tuxedo was arguably too big for him.