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HUGE life changes and 10lbs of cake in my fridge

Please excuse my scatterbrained-ness. I am making up silly words and putting together seemingly unrelated ideas.

I got married, went on a little honeymoon, and returned home to our messy apartment (which I have now officially moved into!). In other news, I am sick (literally) from all the excitement. There are worse kinds of sickness and this one that is taking up residence in my head is not severe by any means. It is merely inconvenient and rendering me quite useless in terms of my capacity to start in on my to-do list. A more beneficial side effect is that my desire for tea and naps has increased.

(not pictured: the roll of toilet paper serving to aid my runny nose…I thought I would leave that out, but know that that is real life)

My new husband has also fallen prey to this creeping head-cold, but to a slightly lesser degree. I have a feeling Monday will come too soon for both of us.