What happened to the month of July? How did I arrive here at August? I KNOW August will be even faster. I just know it.

What did I do this past month?

I went “ethnic” one night while visiting my parents for a week: Lebanese Meat Pies

and with Tumeric Acorn Squash

Dark Chocolate Anise Biscotti. I WILL make this again.

My desire for hot coffee has exponentially dropped off in the last 3 months of hot weather, thus biscotti is totally out of place. One of my favorite things about the weather getting colder are hot beverages. That list of favorite things about the weather getting colder is a short one, btw.

I got to meet the new little guy in my cousin’s life. I also got to hold him 🙂

Bridal Shower (me wearing Mom’s veil from 1987)

A week spent in Montana at the future in-law’s house

A lot of this for Tom

A lot of this for me!

And those are the highlights of July. It went soooo fast. Did you know that school starts soon? And I’m getting married in exactly 4 weeks? Life, you never cease to amaze me!