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*Each week, I have a post entitled “Thursday Thoughts.” This is where I take time to explore the deeper parts of life like creativity and God and stuff. Enjoy!

In a creative act, there is the creator and the created, right? There is the person who is making something out of nothing, something the world has not seen before. There is also the product of the creative act, the thing that was once nothing but is now something.

God created man in His image and likeness. Out of nothing, each of us became something…someone. When one thinks of the created product one might think it is a static, completed, motionless thing. When God created man in His own image, he did not have those adjectives in mind. He created us with freedom. Freedom to explore and express our passions.  Freedom to love or to reject Him. He created us in this non-static likeness of Himself, the Great Creator. He bestowed on us the gift of participation in His own life, in His creativity!

We are not disconnected from the life of God in us and we are not the Creator. We have been created and are subordinate to Him, but out of His overflowing love, He is with us in every move we make. When we do something creative, we never fully participate in it alone. We are co-creators with God. Because God lowered Himself and became man in the person of Jesus Christ, we have been lifted up above what our lowly state was, a state of being that had been further lowered by our own sinfulness, our own turning away from our own willingness to have God participate in our life.

Acorn squash with tumeric

I propose a little experiment of sorts. This week, be attentive to what you would consider an act of creativity. Notice how many times a day/week you do something creative. It can be something as simple as making dinner, choosing what to wear, writing, even cleaning! When you identify an instance, if you have the grace for it, ask God the Father, the Creator, if He is there with you in it. “Father, are you in this with me or am I doing this all by myself?” See what happens.

Raspberry Martyr Tart–made to celebrate my fiance’s patron saint’s feast day, St. Thomas More