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While I was home (which is getting to be 3 weeks ago now!) my cousin and I unleashed our inner nerd for a couple of hours one morning. I had re-blogged my cousin, Katie‘s, post on the redistribution of some family “artifacts.” Being the proud new owner of a butter churn, obviously we needed to try it out–together—and Carolyn, my other cousin, came along for the ride!

Lots of cream goes into the glass jar. Progress is slow…

…very slow

getting closer!

seriously almost there! Just a few more exchanges back and forth between Katie and me so our arms don’t fall off in pursuit of something you can buy pre-made…

Time to wash the butter (finally)! You just rinse it out with fresh water and use the fun paddle (or a regular spoon, if you must) to further separate the butter and buttermilk discarding the murky water.  You do this so the butter doesn’t spoil as quickly.

And voila! If you dedicate enough cream, muscle power, time, and patience, you will have really fresh butter AND buttermilk!

Cheers, ladies, to morning coffee, biscuits, and butter!