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I’ve decided I’m an enthusiastic amateur in a lot of stuff. My friend recently described herself with this phrase and I totally think it fits me too. I have some talent in a lot of hobbies I try, but I don’t have the dedication or interest to pursue these goals for a very long period of time. You may have noticed if you’ve been reading my past blog posts that I like food. More specifically I like to make food. Baking and cooking have been my thing. I’ve been into them for a while, but there have been long of stretches of time in which I have little or no interest in cooking and baking. I don’t have enough of something or other to become an expert.

This brings me to my most recently re-acquired hobby. Introducing…


This is one hobby I have done before, have some talent in it, but still need to relearn stuff…like how to cut straighter and sew in a straighter line. Progress is being made, though. Practice, practice, practice!!!

My set up: A mini sewing machine and mini sewing basket for my supplies! My younger sister is responsible for the stickers 🙂 It was apparently just too boring and needed some decorations!

After having my sewing machine sit under my bed for a month, I have finally decided now is the time to craft. I am finally enthusiastic about it. And am I ever into it…for now, that is J I am currently a sewing fiend! I get in the zone and just don’t want to stop until it is all done, but then I don’t know what to do with myself. You will definitely be seeing more projects in later posts!