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Oh the irony! The very day I write about how our culture stigmatized mistakes and how this is a personal flaw of mine (here), I struggle being patient with my fiancé in the kitchen when he is trying to help. I’m short with him as we are having a planning session for our wedding. He’s not this, he’s not that. He’s not doing this quickly enough. He’s not getting it right. WHY can’t he get things right?

Yuck. I know it happens. I know there are days where one is just antsy or impatient or whatever, but it sure was ironic that I had just written a post about not being afraid of mistakes the very same day that I really was expecting my version of perfection.

Being or appearing imperfect can be scary, because it makes you vulnerable. Being a champion gives you the authority to back up “I told you so. This is proof that I’m a winner” and “See, I am worthwhile because I’m a winner.” Not being a champion leaves you in a vulnerable and potentially lonely place. But the real thing here is that being a winner doesn’t determine your dignity. Our dignity comes from God, from Christ who made himself the most vulnerable and appeared like a loser on the cross…all for love’s sake. The story doesn’t end there, though. He died, yes, and that seems like the end. Death does not have the final word with our God. He is the God of the living and not the dead. He raised Jesus from the dead to new life in order to live forever in a glorified, perfect body. Seemingly a loser, defeated, dejected…someone anyone can identify with, right? Right. This is our God. God became man and triumphed over sin and death.The thing is…the irony strikes again with me writing about making mistakes. The very next day, I decide to make “dinner” (more like a snack). I am flipping through my cookbooks for fun and think, heck yes! Single Lady Pancake. Perfect. I’m just gonna make it for myself and be done. So I start off with dry ingredients:Mix wet ingredients in with the dry. Smooth sailing!

Oh oh oh aaannnndddd….fun mix-ins? Yes. Blueberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips. We are doing great! Success in the making.

Ok, feeling kind of lazy. She says you can just make one giant pancake or 3 small ones. Well, I don’t want to babysit pancakes so let’s go all in. Um, pans…well I don’t want a big heavy one to have to wash later. How about this little one? Yeah, game on.

The second it goes in the pan, I say to my housemate, “That’s ambitious!” Within the next few minutes I realize and am confirmed in that this…

…is a mistake! Ha! And it tasted great J