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The parental units

In order to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of my birth, I chose to have a picnic! I’d never had a birthday picnic, but it seemed just right: low key and a good way to spend time outside. We set up our spot at the park about 1 ½ blocks from my house, in a shaded area surrounded by flowers and trees.

Emily and me

Some friends who stopped by!

My fiancé, Tom, and me

On the menu: Black Forest ham and cheddar cheese sandwiches,

Camembert cheese and a baguette (I was super pumped to find this cheese in the grocery store. Camembert is from Normandy and I ate it a lot when I studied there.)

Grapes and strawberries 

And for dessert…dark chocolate and double chocolate brownies (from a box)

It was my dad’s idea to put the strawberry on top!

I had many picnics when I was a student in France. Most of them involved a baguette, paté, cornichon (French pickles), and cheese…most likely Camembert. Finding the Camembert the other day inspired this birthday picnic!