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The last few days I have been a little more low key in my cooking/baking adventures. Despite this turn of events, my taste buds are still happy campers! For lunch one day, I made nachos putting together leftover odds and ends. I made chips from corn tortillas adding sharp white cheddar cheese, salsa, cilantro, and refried beans. It was good and it was all unplanned, using stuff I found in my refrigerator. (Sorry, no pictures) I was hungry and I don’t photograph everything I eat.

Basic fruit crisp recipe (for a little batch)

Later, I had some white peaches that were going to go bad soon so I threw those and some blueberries together in the bottom of a little baking pan with some granulated sugar to make a crisp.

For the topping I mixed together ¼ cup brown sugar, slightly more than ¼ cup of oats, a pinch of baking soda and powder, and slightly less than ¼ cup flour. (I prefer to have more oats as I think it gets crispier and less gummy from a lot of flour. Personal preference.)

 I put that mixture over top the fruit and put little pieces of butter scattered across the top.

I baked it in the toaster oven at 350° so it wouldn’t heat up the kitchen. After about 30-40 minutes it was done. Easy and soooo delicious.

Believe me, it is hard for this to sit around for very long when it is still hot. I definitely took a spoon straight to the pan. I didn’t mess around with a plate 🙂