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I tried a new thing: PLANNING!!! People, this is big. REVOLUTIONARY. Here is my meal and shopping list for this week. This is my building plan in real life matters.

I have a deep love for dreaming up, making, and eating food. I do have times in my life where it is more of a burden than anything else, but at present my schedule is nonexistent.

In the last few years I have become well practiced in the having leisurely summers but have yet to make a perfect model of what works for me keeping me sane and entertained. What works best for me is building my own routine and sticking to it (roughly). I’m still settling into summer, but so far my days start in the early to mid morning hours. I sit down with a breakfast I’m excited about (Greek yogurt this week!) and do this journaling activity called morning pages. After that I might hurry myself off to mass and prayer time at my church. I consider this to be the anchor of my day. If this doesn’t happen and I had ample time for it—ooooo, my day just is not the same. As for the rest of the day…I’m still figuring that out. For now, making dinner is the thing. It’s a vital part of my day, too. I make food for my fiancé and me for when he gets done with work. It’s becoming a tangible expression of my love and concern for him. After a long day of work, there is just something soooo comforting about having dinner figured out. And it’s tasty.

Case in point. Tasty dinner #2: Kale and Quinoa Cakes

So on a blog called ‘Creativity Blueprint,’ one might expect there to be more than just recaps of baking projects, right? Right. At least that is the direction I’m heading. I’ve gotten a fair amount of traffic on my blog from other foodie blog people, which I find interesting. I didn’t set out to make a food-only blog but do have a deep appreciation for you foodies! I have been a long time admirer of Food Network, baking blogs, and cookbooks since I was a preteen. My sister and I would watch TV in the summers and I’d learn all I could about food, experiment on my own, and create a monsoon of a mess in the kitchen (Admittedly, cleaning is still a hard thing for me.). My interests have led me to food lately and I’m not fighting it! I’ve also realized that Joy the Baker has become my go-to for recipe ideas. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but every post has included JtB! Ha.

I’m cooking up some blog posts on topics other than food and I’m excited! Don’t worry though…food won’t entirely disappear from this blog. I like it a lot.