I’m riding out the wave of enthusiasm for cooking and baking. I’ve been very into that lately, so food stuff seems to be what is filling my blog. I am thinking my next post will branch out a little more lest my creativity seems to solely rest in cooking and baking J

While I was at my parents’ house, I took advantage of the well stocked kitchen, i.e. spring form pan. I wanted to make this elegant dessert from Joy the Baker cookbook replete with some stellar fresh berries. And was this tart ever stellar! Bonjour dark chocolate ganache tart with fresh berries and sweetened cream!


It looks so dang complicated with its multiple steps, but honestly as hoity-toity as it looks, it’s essentially a pudding pie. Easy stuff. Except that it is approximately 123 times more better-er than pudding pie. “Why?” one may ask. Well, I managed to sneak out of college without taking a math course, but let me educate you if you are otherwise unaware…

So, with that in mind, where ganache is involved, you are guaranteed a good dessert!

The crust is not just a placeholder for the ganache, either. It holds its own, blending nicely with the all-star ingredients. The secret: cinnamon and a pinch of ginger! Brillant, Joy the Baker. Just brilliant. The crust combined with the rich ganache, fresh blackberries and raspberries, and whipped cream is truly an inspired combination of flavors.

***I may have used Cool Whip. It’s what I had. After the ganache sucked up all my cream, what’s a girl to do? Use your resources.

The best part of this fancypants dessert was serving it to my parents and fiancé. Food is best shared J