Currently, I am visiting my parents which always seems to afford some amount of luxury compared to my day to day life on my own. Here I have a nice comfy bed, comfy furniture, good food, tasty coffee, craft supplies, a fully stocked kitchen, and there’s always a bag of Sun Chips purchased for when I come. I am almost guaranteed one meal at a restaurant and a shopping trip of some sort. Seriously, I could go on, but I won’t. The point I am trying to make: my parents treat me so well. Sure I get a lot of stuff from them, but all of this comes from a place of deep love for me.

This brings me to a few days ago when we made a visit to our local Barnes & Noble and my mom bought both of the cookbooks I had been wanting (Thanks, Mom!). With their colorful photos and innovative recipes, these cookbooks seemed to be the epitome of trendy and creative. I’ve already made note of my appreciation for Joy the Baker in my last post, so naturally, I “needed” to get her cookbook. Today. When I saw the lone copy on the shelf, I could not contain my excitement and literally jumped up and down. I may also have clapped my hands. I looked around for my mom to show her why we even came to the store, but she wasn’t there…and thankfully no one else was cause I would have looked straight up crazy with my jumping and clapping. Shortly thereafter, I caught sight of another cookbook I had been looking at on the Internet: One Girl Cookies by Dawn Casale & David Crofton. More jumping. I was as giddy as a 7 year old kid who just found the most awesome toy at the store…except that I am freaking out over cookbooks. How adult-ish of me.

I had been feeling unusually fatigued in the last few days and I did not have a lot of ambition to do much. In order to help get me out of my funk, I set out to make a batch of something or other. I really didn’t care if I wanted to eat it; I just wanted to make something. Anything. I knew with a baking project was perfect because I could easily start and finish within a couple of hours. Low commitment. Low stress.

I decided on a sophisticated cookie recipe from One Girl Cookies called Decadent Chocolate Coins…and the name doesn’t disappoint!

They were pretty simple to make and I took great satisfaction in putting the dough into the fridge to cool for 30 minutes. For some reason, having to cool the dough seems fancy to me.

Oh and there was a cookie cutter involved.

The plate with the blue birds on them is a family heirloom. One of the many perks about being home: pretty dishes of which to take pictures!

The two main flavors were the dark chocolate and orange (from zest). These cookies are really rich and chewy, sort of like brownies, my mom said. These are called Decadent Chocolate Coins and they are decadent! Looking at them, one would think they could eat 5 of them without blinking, but they are really filling.

Yay for fancy baking projects as mood boosters!