This past Saturday was a lovely day with friends and rainy weather. I started off with a morning of journaling and lounging about. Later on, I went with a friend to once-in-a-blue-moon rummage sale/flea market/swap meet held at the local civic center. OVERSTIMULATION. To tell you the truth, I didn’t really enjoy myself that much. There were so many things to look at, but a lot of it was just junk. I don’t intend to be snooty with this next comment, but here it is: being there felt trashier that Walmart because I was surrounded by…wellllll…trash. On the bright side, out of all of this, I came away with my $3 prize: a dainty gold, yellow, and cream colored tea cup and saucer! It’s so small that it reminds me more of a shot glass, meant to hold small portioned amounts of powerful alcohol rather than for such a weak beverage as tea.

Later on, I met up with my friend Emily, whom I dearly love and admire. While still being distinctly different people, we have a lot of interests in common…two of them being food and pretty things. We both follow Joy the Baker, a wonderful blogger, who is so entertaining with her writing and creative adaptations on recipes. Knowing we wanted to try a new recipe from her, we settled on the seemingly fancy, but actually quite simple, quinoa recipe. It was finally time to bust out that quinoa from Emily’s pantry! Thus we set out with our slight adaptation of her Breakfast Quinoa with Toasted Coconut, Almonds, and Fresh Mango.

After a grocery store run and a detour into the chocolate chip aisle…um, yeah…Emily started toasting away (coconuts and almonds, that is). I focused in on making the drink and cooking up the quinoa, which was a first for me (the making quinoa part. not the drink making part). It is supposed to be really good for you, with a high amount of fiber and a good amount of protein, too, I believe.

*Photo by Emily

For the drink, we decided to try refreshing, flavored water. Remember I said I made the drink in the last paragraph? Well, I can’t make water (or make it rain, for that matter), but I did assemble the beverage. I crushed up some fresh mint and threw it into a pitcher with some water and ice. It was really crisp and a nice compliment to our main meal.

We opted for fresh raspberries instead of mango since we thought it would be difficult to find a mango that was ripe at the store. We were not sad about the substitution. I mean…look at those berries! They are happy fruit. I don’t think I could stay sad looking at those!

While we were waiting for the quinoa to finish cooking on the stove, Emily and I set out to have some fun taking pictures of the stuff we already prepared. Yes, I take pictures of food. That habit did not stop once I came back from France 🙂

Breakfast Quinoa with Coconut, Almonds, and Raspberries

I really enjoyed handing the camera over to Emily to see how she would see things and what different angles of the same raw materials she would see. In that moment, I thought about how great a friend I have and what a blessing it is that we have so many shared interests and yet we still see the world from different angles. How boring would that be if we did everything the same way!

I thought it would be fun to eat on the floor of the living room, and it was. Just a little move like that changed my perspective, making a simple meal into more of a special adventure.

Emily and our Living Room picnic!

With a new/old tea cup and a stomach full of quinoa, Saturday came to a close.