I have so many ideas for this blog and I’m excited to see what unfolds. I’m a perfectionist, though. Not the good kind. I’m the kind that is never satisfied with what I make or do, the kind that is afraid of taking risks for fear of the outcome not being perfect and not looking good.  It has stunted my creative growth, but “No more!” I say. The Lord continues to work in me, making my heart whole again. He always wants the best for me and now I am being cooperative in what I perceive to be “perfect!”

I could go on about this perfectionism stuff, but I think I shall address that in a post later on down the road. For now, I will share the fruits of “dipping my toe into the water,” so to speak.  Last night, I was sitting in my room, getting kinda restless. I had all these great ideas for projects to do but I couldn’t settle on one. I kept looking at blogs and Pinterest and stuff, which was stimulation OVERLOAD. I was looking at all these images, ideas, and articles but was not allowing myself to start a single one. I was not allowing myself to chill the heck out and be leisurely. That’s when I decided to start small. I did one tiny creative act and here it is:

I turned this:

Into this:

In one respect, it is cute. In another, it’s a little pathetic. It’s not an impressive craft to show you like the ones when the blogger gives a step-by-step tutorial of how to make it. It’s not sturdy or made to last. In fact, I plan to throw it away when I move. It’s only function is to hold approximately 1/32nd of the writing utensils I own…but I like it. It’s a clean, bright white with a pop of rainbow colored pens. The inspiration for this project came from a friend of mine who has a gift for designing a space for efficiency and aesthetics. She likes to keep very little on her desk, but one of her signatures is a cup for pens that are all the same color/brand/style. That means all the mismatched ones get a sad little home in a desk drawer. With that in mind, I set out to make a little pen cup to hold the only pens I own that came in a set. I love my newest desk accessory.

Voilà! My “toe in the water” creative experience!

My next endeavor: Turn this space into something I like.