Today is Day 1.

My mission for creativity today: finally realize my dream for a blog.  I have been a blog-lover since I discovered what a Google Reader account was 2 years ago. For the last year I have had the desire to start my own blog tugging at the back of my mind. But what about? What’s my purpose? What’s my mission?

My mission is an action plan: a plan for expanding and exploring my creativity. I will challenge myself to new experiences, perspectives, and projects and share the plans, the process, and the outcome here on Creativity Blueprint.  I will challenge myself to new crafts, baking projects, etc. in addition to intentionally looking at my life to find where I am already creative. But why “explore creativity”? 

Because being creative makes me happy. Duh.

But why does it make me happy?

Well, I suppose in a short answer…creating makes me happy because it is a connection with the Great Creator, with capital-G God and He is the one who is making/will make me ultimately happy. Forever. In face to face communion with Him. Forever.


Don’t you just love new beginnings? They’re always so hopeful!